Day 22 – Focus T25 and P90X3

Cardio and Isometrix

Isometrix came first today.  I wanted to give this my all as I had not really had a chance to try it out. Went well apart from Bounds Dog with the Leg Lift, how the heck do you guys balance on the arm and keg on the SAME side?!  Had a very hard time getting it right.

I have never mentioned how I write all these blog’s.  So I finish my workout, go straight for a protein shake and just relax, whilst relaxing, crank up the laptop and start typing.  This allows me to cool down enough, so when I step out of the shower I am ready for either bed or reading a chapter of something. At the moment, reading a book called Dodger by Terry Pratchett. One of my favourite authors. Anywho, lets get to the workouts!

So back to Isometrix, this is like the balance routine from X3 Yoga, but magnified with intensity!  I really enjoyed this routing, and could see myself putting the DVD on at any given time. It has joined the ranks of X3 Yoga and Pilates for a good workout, but something that’s not energetic. So each of the moves are 45s, and you do two different exercises back to back, switching sides. Then you repeat with the other sides, sounds easy enough. Did I tell you that you have to hold the positions for 45s?  I did, and you still think it’s easy? Give it a try and comment below to let me know how you got on!

You do use a lot of core in this though, which I am still getting used to.  After 4 weeks, my core is beginning to get stronger.  I have noticed that week on week! Which is great news for my lower back as it’s been in bad shape for a while. Here are the moves from this session:

  1. Plank Arm Reach
  2. Standing Leg Extension
  3. Plank Arm, Leg Lift
  4. Chair w/Extended Leg
  5. Forearm Side Balance
  6. Royal Dancer
  7. One Arm Sphinx
  8. Tree Pose
  9. Side Arm Balance
  10. Warrior 3
  11. Bound Dog
  12. Inner Balance
  13. Bound Dog (Leg lift) – (What the heck?!)
  14. Moon Dog
  15. Burnout (Crane)

This is a solid routine, I broke a sweat by the second move Standing Leg Extension. Get ready for some fun!

Now for Cardio! I managed to keep up with the rest, although I did have to ease up a little as my Achilles was killing! Eased up for about 5 minutes, let the pain subside made sure it was OK and then cracked on with the rest of the workout.  Yes indeed, I am still working out barefoot! This seems to work for me.  I have a foam mat for cushioning if I need it, but otherwise I workout on laminate… Keep up the good work people!!


Day 12 Focus T25 and P90X3

Lower Focus/Ab Intervals and Pilates X

Focus T25 Lower Focus/Ab Intervals (moving to tomorrow)

So I was meant to cover two sessions today, but alas not enough time and not enough energy.  I woke up, and already hungry I decided I just would not be able to focus on the workout properly.  Finished off the morning session, had my protein shake and that was it.  The workout  is crazy! So it’s called Lower Focus, I wonder what that covers?! You guessed it, lower body. It’s pretty tough though.  I had a bit of a problem with the calf raises, as my Achilles started playing up again. So I have to be honest, it was difficult for me.  A number of times you would have found be grabbing my knees and trying to catch my breath. The number of squats he makes you do will have your Quads burning!  The lunges do not help with this either!! But here is the list, and you can see what I had to go through…

Lower Focus Moves List

  • Alternating Knee Lift
  • Lift On Toes
  • High Knee Jog
  • Slow Control Jog
  • Jack Feet
  • Double Jack Feet
  • Double Jack + Arms
  • Basic Jack
  • Basic Squat
  • Squat Pulse
  • Basic Squat + Arms Up
  • Control Squat Jump
  • Calf Raise (L)
  • Calf Hop + Arms Up (L)
  • Calf Raise (R)
  • Calf Hop + Arms Up (R)
  • Narrow Lunge (L)
  • Wide Lunge (L)
  • Deep Lunge Pulse (L)
  • Deep Lunge Hold (L)
  • Narrow Lunge (R)
  • Wide Lunge (R)
  • Deep Lunge Pulse (R)
  • Deep Lunge Hold (R)
  • Control Squat Jump
  • Calf Hop (L)
  • Calf Hop (R)
  • Deep Lunge Pulse (L)
  • Deep Lunge Pulse (R)
  • Alternating Front Lunge
  • Front Lunge & Squat
  • Front Lunge & 2x Squat
  • Lunge Squat Progression
  • Abductor Squat
  • 2 + 2 Abductor Squat
  • 2 + 2 Stay Low
  • Stay Low Abductor Burn
  • 2 + 2 Knee Up
  • Up & Over
  • Up & Over & 2x Squat
  • Up & Over & Touch Floor
  • Deadlift Tap (L)
  • Deadlift Knee Raise (L)
  • Deadlift Tap (R)
  • Deadlift Knee Raise (R)
  • Lunge Squat Progression
  • Stay Low Abductor Burn
  • Up & Over & Touch Floor
  • Deadlift Knee Raise (L)
  • Deadlift Knee Raise (R)
  • Hop Squat + Hip Flexor
  • Cool Down

P90X3 Pilates X

This was my evening session. This one is now a firm favourite of mine. Like he says you can put this DVD on at any time.  I agree, I can see myself using this DVD even after the P90X3 blocks are completed.Not much else to say other than, hip flexors are still tight, so I still can’t do much with the leg raises, but I give it my best.  Stretch and Flexibility will be the goal towards the end of this!

Is anyone else out there having a hard time with the final move in Pilates X?

Saw this, and thought “what a great quote”…

This is how you should feel after every workout!

This is how you should feel after every workout!

Day 11 Focus T25 and P90X3

Cardio and The Challenge

Focus T25 Cardio

Woo hoo, another Cardio session checked off the list! Getting into it now. Once again, tried sticking with the routine as much as possible, but sadly I do remember I had to modify a couple of the moves. The cardio aspect of my training is going to get there, but need to work on my diet some more, I think it’s a lack of energy which is really holding me back. The Pivot Lunge series is still kicking my butt! I hope by the end of the first block of training I get used to this. I also have a hard time with the high switch kicks, so I stand on my toes and just modify. To modify this move I reach for the toes and twist my torso just a little…

Keep your core tight people! Let’s get it done!!!

P90X3 The Challenge

This is the second run of this particular session, and I have to say I can see the improvements straight away.  I was able to do more chin ups and pull ups, with my feet on the chair :-(.  When I get to the stage where I can do a proper pull/chin up I will video it! The press ups were also improved a little, I was able to do more although I did have to drop to my knees half way through.  But still pushed through forward to keep up with what my numbers were (10 pull and 12 push – I know my limits people!).

The numbers show an improvement, let’s see if I can make next weeks better! Here’s the list of moves:

The Challenge Moves List

  • Wide Pull-Up
  • Standard Push-Up
  • Wide Pull-Up
  • Standard Push-Up
  • Chin-Up
  • Military Push-Up
  • Chin-Up
  • Military Push-Up
  • Close Grip Pull-Up
  • Wide Push-Up
  • Close Grip Pull-Up
  • Wide Push-Up
  • Vaulter Pull-Up (right hand facing forward)
  • Staggered Push-Up (right hand forward)
  • Vaulter Pull-Up (left hand facing forward)
  • Staggered Push-Up (left hand forward)
  • The Burnout

This is the yoga mat after I had finished my workout, yes indeed back to back workouts will give you a great sweat!

Back to back workouts give you a great sweat!

Back to back workouts give you a great sweat!

Day 10 Focus T25 and P90X3

Speed 1.0 and X3 Yoga

Focus T25 Speed 1.0

Wow!  Getting better bit by bit. Still working out barefoot, which some of you may shake your head at, but this allows my feet to move naturally. They are not restricted by any trainers (sneakers for the US contingency). I know a lot of people started using Vibrams when running, given the opportunity I think people might actually run barefoot if the opportunity arose. But I would not risk barefoot road running as you never know what you will step in. So yes, still working out barefoot 🙂 I think my feet are getting stronger, Lord knows the skin is getting tough down there. After 10 days though I can tell you that you need to rest your feet as much as possible.  Mine are aching a lot of the time, as I am having to walk a lot in shoes right now as I am a software trainer, so end up standing and walking around the class. At night, I rest them by raising them up, and giving them cold water shower. The shower cools them down and actually feels invigorating. Comment below if you think you have other ideas to make them feel better…

The session was good. I managed to stick with the team, and only had to modify a couple of time. I did not want to move slowly like last time, as I am sure this would slow down my heart rate. Instead I modified, but not like they tell you to, I went a bit more into it. So it was half way between the modified move and the full move so I got most of the workout but managed to keep the heart rate up. What do you guys think? Anyone think that’s a bad idea?

P90X3 X3 Yoga

I am starting to enjoy the Yoga sessions now. It’s a great stretch!! I still hate the beginning of the session as it’s all Warrior poses and although these are a great burn for the legs, they test me to my limits! I always breathe a sigh of relief when the Warrior moves come to an end, as I enjoy the balance series a bit more. I know that the warrior series is actually better for my leg strength and flexibility, so don’t think I don’t give it my all, I do. I make sure of it! So below are the moves list for the yoga session!

X3 Yoga Moves List

  • Child’s Pose
  • Downward Dog to Forward Hang
  • Sun Salutations
  • Sun Salutations Cresent
  • Airplane Over Leg
  • Sun Salutation
  • Warrior 1
  • Warrior 2
  • Reverse Warrior
  • Bound Side Angle Pose
  • Sun Salutation B
  • Warrior 3
  • Half Moon
  • Twisted Moon
  • Standing Splits
  • Cresent Pose
  • Wide Legs: Forward Fold, Bind Toes
  • Triangle
  • Twisted Triangle
  • Tree Pose
  • Extended Leg w/Toe Bind
  • Ted’s Chair
  • Crow
  • Vinyasa to Floor
  • Child’s Pose
  • Cat Dog
  • Bird Dog to Dog Dancer
  • Figure 4 Series
  • Plow/Shoulder Stand
  • Fish
  • Shavasana

Day 9 Focus T25 and P90X3

Total Body Circuit and Agility X

Focus T25 Total Body Circuit

I do like this workout, it gives me a number of chances to be better than the guys and gals on screen! Like, I kick butt with the Jab routine, it’s a bit too easy. Otherwise, I am still playing catchup with the rest of the routine, lol, darn it! But again, it’s a great routine. So without messing around, here’s the moves list as promised.  I really need to a review of each of the moves, but will get round to it when I have time. This again is something I have very little of, time I mean…

Total Body Circuit Moves List

  • Alternating Knee Lift
  • Slow Control Jog Lift On Toes
  • High Knee Jog
  • Hop Hop Turn
  • Jump Rope Run
  • Hop Hop Hook
  • Hop Hook Squat
  • Shoulder Tap (Left)
  • Shoulder Tap (Right)
  • Left Right Push Up
  • Tap Push Up
  • Alternating Front Lunge
  • Front Lunge + Squat
  • Front Lunge + 2x Squat
  • 2+2 Jab Lunge Squat Progression
  • 2+2 Rotating Jab
  • 2+2 In&Out Jab
  • 2+2 Moving Jab
  • Plank Hold
  • Plank Walk
  • Plank Walk + In&Out Abs
  • Plank Walk + Squat Hold
  • Power Squat Sprint It Out
  • Sprint + Power Squat
  • Sprint Turn + Squat Center
  • Walk Feet In&Out
  • 3 Hops In&Out
  • 2 Hops In&Out
  • Pike Up
  • 180° Hop Squat Left Side Squat
  • 180° Squat + Touch Floor
  • 180° Squat + Burpee
  • Alternating Spider Lunge
  • Spider Lunge + Push Up
  • Spider Push Up
  • Oblique Knee Push Up
  • Tap Push Up
  • Lunge Squat Progression
  • 2+2 Moving Jab
  • Plank Walk + Squat Hold
  • Sprint Turn + Squat Center
  • Pike Up
  • 180° Squat Burpee
  • Oblique Knee Push Up
  • Floor Sprints
  • Body Run
  • Cool Down (3:15)

P90X3 Agility X

My second attempt at this one! It was better than the first time around. Scissor Kick Jumps are a killer, barefoot is not a good idea, but I did it anyway. I had to ease up though, as jumping around in this way was affecting my lower back. When it got a bit too much, which was like 3 jumps in, I had to modify it and change to swing kicks (from Plyo). There were quite a few exercises which I did well at, I think to be honest a lot of people will find them easy…. Like Toe Tap Skaters, Gump Jump Push-Ups and Long Jump Sprint to name a few.

Agility X Moves List

  • Explode and Hold
  • Y Lunges
  • Joel Jump Squats
  • Toe Tap Skater
  • Near and Fars
  • Ring around the Posey
  • Scissor Kick Jumps
  • 8 Sprint 3
  • Plyo V Lunge
  • High Step Shuffle
  • Gump Jump Push-Ups
  • Tap that Line
  • Jump Knee Jump
  • Triangle Lunges
  • Squat Jump Lunge
  • 3.4 run
  • Long Jump Sprint
  • Plyo Line Push-Ups

Just remember to land like a cat on the jumps!

Day 8 Focus T25 and P90X3

Cardio and Total Synergistics

Focus T25 Cardio

Another cardio session down! Week 2 started off great! I am enjoying this whole routine. I have to admit though, I am pretty tired. After a week of dual workouts, I have realised I am waking up with way more energy, but I am only getting about 6 hours sleep a night. The fact that I work out at about 9pm, means I finish at 9.30pm. After this it would be a case of cooling down properly and then cleaning the workout area (putting away any weights, mats, blocks, etc). Sometimes, I did have to workout a bit later, which means getting to bed later. I know, I know, when training to get maximum benefits from training you need at least 8 hours worth of sleep. I need to factor this in.  Sadly though, with my schedule I will need to give up one of the routines…

P90X3 Total Synergistics

First time I spoke about this on Day 1, I didn’t put the moves list on, I was still getting used to how to blog this whole routine. See below for the full list of moves.  Another great session ending the day. But I am feeling stronger compared with last week and the sheet proves it! So a point to note here would be that I do not have the weights as shown in Total Synergistics (hexagonal ones – Bodymax Rubber Hex Dumbells). Instead I have the York 20kg Cast Iron Dumbbell Set. I know this is not the ideal situation as I need to be changing weights  with each exercise, but I have not changed anything.  So instead I have been moving slower, to keep the routine going, but because it’s a heavy weight it had to be slow. Case and point Side Rise Punch, I didn’t lower the weight, just used what I was already set up. Great session people! Get started!!!!!

Total Synergistics Moves List

  • Push-Up/Side Arm Balance
  • Crescent Chair
  • Pull Knee Pull
  • Flip Flop Crunch
  • Crawly Plyo Push-Ups
  • Releve-Plie, Weighted
  • Chin-Up Circle Crunch
  • Boat Plow
  • Balance Arch
  • 3 Hop Press
  • Glamour Hammer
  • Branon Boat
  • Flying Warrior
  • Squat Rockers
  • Side Rise Punch
  • Warrior Squat Moon

Older Posts

Howdy people! I am really busy with work at the moment, and have a massive backlog.  So I had drafted the posts I need to publish, just have not got round to proof reading and publishing. So please bear with me, I am going to play catch up and will get them all uploaded very soon!  Again I am sorry for the delay.  To be honest, not sure how many people actually read my fitness blog.  But if you do, I am truly sorry, and will make up for it by making it better as I move on through the weeks.

For now, have a good one all!  Just remember to bring it! Every workout should bring you one step closer, no matter how far the goal, one step closer is better than standing still.