Focus T25 Beta Week 2 – Completed

This is great news! After many injuries (mostly my lower back), common colds and other bugs I do not care for, I have made it to Week 3 of Beta.  Finishing Week 2 was tough, but totally worth it!

Workouts this week:

Dynamic Core

Really enjoyed this workout. I am not a big fan of cardio routines, and yes I see the irony in that I am working out using a mostly cardio routine. This is a great workout, thoroughly enjoyable! Your abs will get a good workout from this. There are a lot of great moves, I am personally a big fan of the moves in the last ten minutes, where you get a great back workout. I have had to push myself harder in this workout, as I do not think I am working my abs as much as I should. As long as you concentrate on keeping your core tight, you should have no issues with getting the most from this workout.

Core Cardio

This is a great cardio routine, I highlighted the cord cardio, as it will kick your heart and lungs into overdrive! I start off strong, where I am keeping up with everyone on screen. But about half way in, clutching my knees I end up following the modifier! (Booooo I hear you cry) Yes sorry about that. It’s not as easy as I hoped, the last chest infection I got took its toll. But I am trying my best here. After a few minutes in “modifier” mode, I get back to full speed, but I have managed to find the middle ground which works well for me whilst. Not quite full on moves, and not quite modified moves, right in the middle.

Rip’t Curcuit

Easily the best workout of the week. I love doing weights, but this one has you moving a lot, so I opted for a lower range on the weights. 7kg to begin with. This did not seem too difficult, and by the end of the workout, I was not as sore as I expected. My advice here would be to complete one full workout using a weight set which you find is about 40% of your limit, and then increase it In the video they use the same weights throughout, and there is no time to increase them. The next day there was no muscle soreness, well, very little. I will be increasing the weight this week. Will see how it goes. There are two issues with working out like this: (1) Different muscle groups have different strengths, and (2) If you have conventional weights with spin locks, like I do, it takes time to change the weights. That being said, my previous comment stands true, I will increase the weights for next weeks session.

Upper Focus

Woo hoo! Another great workout! Had the same issue here with the weights, just not enough. Remember waking up without any soreness. At the very least, with the slower range of movements, you will be able to concentrate on keeping your core nice and tight, providing you with a much needed core session. I know it’s not the same as crunches, etc, but it still helps. One more thing, there are some movements where you need to squat, just make sure you push through the heels on these. To ensure you have the correct posture, keep your back straight and try to raise your toes. Raising your toes, will ensure you put the weight into your heels.

Rip’t Circuit & Speed 2.0

Complete both back to back if you can. I completed both session and only then did I do the cool downs.  This way you do not give the body time to recover, you keep it nice and warm and ready for a great session! I would love to hear other people thoughts on this. I thought this would be the best option. What do others think?

Speed 2.0 was a killer, after a a Rip’t Circuit, working on Cardio is tough. I found it hard keeping up and ended up having to visit the “modified” section a few times. But when modifying, I made sure I was still in the game, forcing myself to move a little bit faster. This kept my heart rate up and helped keep me in the zone! Just push through, you’ll be alright!!

Day 1 – Dynamic Core

Moves List

  • Split Lunge Ability
  • Low Switch Kick
  • Double Switch Kick
  • High Switch Kick
  • Static Uppercut
  • Jack Uppercut
  • Twisting “T” Abs
  • Twisting “T” Abs Lower
  • Speed Knee Kick (L)
  • Hammer Kick (R)
  • Speed Knee Kick (R)
  • Hammer Kick (L)
  • Sprint + Table Top
  • Crisscross + Half-Tuck Jump
  • Shuffle + Sprint Kick
  • Connecting Deep Squat
  • Torso Lift
  • Alternating Straight Leg Scissor
  • Hip Up + Reverse Crunch
  • Butterfly Leg Lift (L)
  • Butterfly Leg Lift (R)
  • Seated Knee Crossover (L)
  • Seated Knee Crossover (R)
  • Bicycle Abs + “V” Hold
  • Hands To Feet + Reverse Crunch
  • Side Plank (L)
  • Superman
  • Walking Pike-Up
  • Rocketman
  • Side Plank Hip-Up (L)
  • Side Plank (R)
  • Superman Pulse
  • Full Pike-Up
  • Rocketman Pulse
  • Side Plank Hip-Up (R)
  • Side Plank Up + Over (L)
  • Side Plank Up + Over (R)
  • Plank Walk + Squat Pyramid
  • Cool Down (3:30)

Day 2 – Core Cardio

  • Split Lunge Agility
  • Low Switch Kick
  • Double Switch Kick
  • High Switch Kick
  • Static Uppercut
  • Jack Uppercut
  • Hop Forward + Back
  • Hop Side + Side
  • Alternating Speed Knee Slow
  • Alternating Speed Knee Fast
  • Twisting “X” Lunge
  • Twisting “X” Deep Lunge
  • “X” Lunge + Touch Shin
  • “X” Lunge + Touch Floor
  • Demi Squat Walk
  • Deep Squat Walk
  • Squat Walk + Touch Floor
  • Air Plank Jump
  • “T” Twist Front Pulse
  • “T” Twist Lunge Pulse (L)
  • “T” Twist Lunge Pulse (R)
  • Rotating “T” Twist
  • Alternating Speed Knee Fast
  • “X” Lunge + Touch Floor
  • Air Plank Jump
  • Rotating “T” Twist
  • High Jump In Place
  • Control Hop Side + Side
  • Double Hop Rotation
  • Single Hop Rotation
  • Hammer Kick (L)
  • Speed Kick (L)
  • Hammer Kick (R)
  • Speed Kick (R)
  • Shuffle Feet
  • Shuffle + Hop Up + Back
  • Shuffle + Squat
  • Shuffle + Burpee
  • Plank Tap Feet Out + In
  • Plank Tap Arms Out + In
  • Plank Diagonal Tap
  • Plank Diagonal Lift
  • Single Hop Rotation
  • Speed Kick (L)
  • Speed Kick (R)
  • Shuffle + Burpee
  • Plank Diagonal Lift
  • Floor Sprints
  • Running Spider Lunge
  • Body Sprint
  • Full Body Run
  • Cool Down (2:30)

Day 3 – Rip’t Circuit

  • Slow Control Jog
  • Squat Push-Up
  • Palm-Down Squat Thrust
  • Alternating Straight Leg Kick
  • Speed + Agility
  • Reciprocating Bicep Curl
  • Deep Lunge Pulse (L)
  • Deep Lunge Pulse (R)
  • Alternating Straight Leg Lift
  • Alternating Speed Knee Fast
  • Arnold Press
  • Weighted Squat Pulse
  • Dual Heel Tap
  • High Switch Kick
  • Single Leg Lawnmower (L)
  • Single Leg Lawnmower (R)
  • Air Plank + One Leg Burpee
  • Hip-Up + “V” Hold
  • High Jump + Twisting Abs
  • Single Leg Tricep Press (R)
  • Single Leg Tricep Press (L)
  • Deadlift + Curl Squat
  • Knee In + Out Tap Down
  • Half-Tuck Jump
  • 4-Count Wide Push-Up
  • Weighted Moving Squat
  • 4-Count Dual Leg Lift
  • 5-Count Power Abs
  • Cool Down (3:15)

Day 4 – Upper Focus

  • Split Lunge Agility
  • Low Switch Kick
  • Double Switch Kick
  • High Switch Kick
  • Static Uppercut
  • Jack Uppercut
  • Plank Hold
  • Starter Drill + Burpee
  • Basic Push-Up
  • Starter Drill + Push-Up
  • Chest Opener
  • Chest Opener + Jump
  • Shoulder Press
  • Arnold Press
  • Alternating Front Raise
  • Dual Side Raise
  • Sprint + Jab Punch
  • Single Arm Fly (L)
  • Single Arm Fly (R)
  • Dual Arm Fly
  • Dual Arm Fly + “V” Leg Hold
  • Straight Arm Double Jack
  • Double Jack + Alternating Toe Tap
  • Sumo Alternating Row
  • Sumo Dual Row
  • Sumo Hip Thrust
  • Sumo Upright Row
  • Shuffle + Heisman
  • Shuffle + Heisman Turn
  • 90° Hold Bicep Curl (L)
  • 90° Hold Bicep Curl (R)
  • Dual Bicep Curl
  • Reciprocating Bicep Curl
  • Single Arm Jab (L)
  • Single Arm Jab (R)
  • Bent Knee Hip-Up
  • Bent Knee Tricep Dip
  • Straight Leg Hip-Up Hold
  • Straight Leg Hip-Up
  • Shuffle + Half Tuck Jump
  • Side Plank Up + Over (L)
  • Side Plank Up + Over (R)
  • Alternating Shoulder Press
  • Alternating Bicep Curl
  • Basic Push-Up
  • Hip-Up + “V” Hold
  • Cool Down (3:25)

Day 5 – Rip’t Circuit & Speed 2.0

  • Round 1 Level 1 (30-40 seconds for each move)
  • Out + Out Turn
  • Quick Feet Up + Back
  • Alternating Speed Knee Slow
  • Slow Mountain Climber
  • Jab Out
  • Low Switch Kick
  • Speed + Agility
  • Up + Over
  • Round 1 Level 2 (15-20 seconds for each move)
    • (Repeat 8 previous moves)
  • Round 1 Level 3 (8-10 seconds for each move)
    • (Repeat previous 8 moves)
  • Round 2 Level 1 (30-40 seconds for each move)
  • Low Crossjack
  • Hop Up + Back
  • Hop Hop Squat
  • Squat Hop Up + Back
  • Single Leg Speed Knee (L)
  • Single Leg Speed Knee (R)
  • Jack Uppercut
  • Zigzag Hop
  • “X” Lunge Speed Time
  • Round 2 Level 2 (15-20 seconds for each move)
    • (Repeat previous 9 moves)
  • Round 2 Level 3 (8-10 seconds for each move)
    • (Repeat previous 9 moves)
  • Jog Recovery
  • From Top Level 1 (10 seconds for each move)
  • 8 moves from round 1 and 9 moves from round 2 (2x)
  • Jog Recovery
  • From Top Level 2 (5 seconds for each move)
  • 8 moves from round 1 and 9 moves from round 2 (1x)
  • Jog Recovery
  • Cool Down (2:30)

Day 7 Focus T25 and P90X3

Stretch and Dynamix

Focus T25 – Yeah I have been working out twice a day, and the stretch routine was not going to happen today 🙂  I decided it would be best to just complete one exercise today. Plus, it’s a nice treat with just one session.

P90X3 Dynamix

Dynamix was a great workout session, I have watched it before.  Yes I am sad, I watched the entire session before actually running through it. I actually did this a few days ago so I could see what was coming up. So all geared up, I set off into the unknown! Well not unknown, as I had watched it already. So starting off easy with Leg Lifts allowed me to get a stretch in and ease into the workout rather than getting thrown in at the deep end. I managed to go through the session without any issues, the one thing I did find pretty tough was the Spinal Twist.  I just cannot seem to get my knee to the floor, darn it! Oh and let’s not discuss the Scorpion, my feet are nowhere near my hands, dang it! I hope this gets better over time.  Any ideas on how to get a better stretch would be much appreciated…. HELP PLEASE!!!!

Dynamix Moves List

  • Leg Lift
  • Adductor Lift
  • Horse Step
  • Forearm Plank
  • Glute Lift
  • Scorpion
  • Shoulder Stretch
  • Ham/Hip Rocker
  • Groiners
  • Pigeon
  • Lunge Push-Ups
  • Polka Stretch
  • Hip Circles
  • Polka Plus
  • Double Knee Plus
  • Front to Back Lunges
  • Double Quad Stretch
  • Glide Lunge
  • Tin Man Zombie
  • Glute Rocker
  • Double Knee Pull
  • Double Pigeon Pull
  • Spinal Twist
  • Fifer Scissor Stretch
  • Marching Bridge
  • Farrthing Stretch
  • Side Banana, Right
  • Superman
  • Side Banana, Left

I think I need to do the stretch as prescribed by Focus T25 calendar… That may be the gains in flexibility I am looking for. For now, have a good one people! Make sure you Bring It.

Day 6 – Focus T25 and P90X3

Cardio and  Incinerator

Hey hey! So we’re back here on Day 6! What an awesome day to workout.  I felt full of beans this morning, ready for anything! Sadly with me running late this morning I had to postpone my Focus T25 routine to the evening. So I did two back to back. Felt fine afterwards.  I am thinking I really need to get a heart rate monitor so I can see exactly how many calories I am burning. Because the routing has the 3 stage process where you build up, and the fact there are minimal breaks I think the afterburn effect would kill off plenty of calories. So maybe that is something I can purchase a bit later on.  Will begin to investigate them. So realised I had not put up the Cardio moves, so I have listed them below. Todays session was a little better, kept up with them, instead of doing the right move but slowly, I opted for the modification moves. But with the modified moves, I tried to make them more in line with the moves I should be doing. So I get the best possible workout. This is the same thing I will be doing for all the workouts to follow. I doubt the modified versions actually help you get better. Pushing yourself makes you better, modifying makes you comfortable…  Well that’s my opinion…

Cardio Moves List

  • Alternating knee lift
  • Lift on toes
  • Slow control jog
  • High knee jog
  • Jack feet
  • Double jack feet
  • Double jack + arms
  • Basic jacks
  • Pivot lunge step-in
  • Pivot lunge + hop
  • Pivot lunge + touch knee
  • Pivot lunge + touch floor
  • Heel tap up + back (L)
  • Heel tap up + back (R)
  • Lateral sprint
  • Lateral mountain climbers
  • Jump rope
  • Jump rope up + back
  • Up + back slow
  • Half-tuck jump
  • Basic jack
  • Pivot lunge + touch floor
  • Lateral mountain climber
  • Half-tuck jump
  • Control squat
  • Hop squat
  • Hop hop up + back
  • Hop hop squat
  • On your mark + sprint (L)
  • On your mark + up down (L)
  • On your mark + sprint (R)
  • On your mark + up down (R)
  • Low kick
  • Low kick on toes
  • Low switch kick
  • High switch kick
  • Running lunge
  • Split lunge agility
  • Jack feet out + in
  • Speed + agility
  • Hop hop squat
  • On your mark + up down (L)
  • On your mark + up down (R)
  • High switch kick
  • Speed + agility
  • Hop up + back
  • Hop side + side
  • Alternating speed knee slow
  • Alternating speed knee fast
  • High knee jog
  • Slow control jog

P90X3 Incinerator was a great session, much like the challenge but with weights.  Some of these were easy as my weights are kind of light (until I buy the next range of weights), but finding the chin ups VERY hard indeed! I do everything on the chin up bar with my feet up on a chair. This takes the weight of my legs out of the equation and I am able to build my back up little by little.  So the plan here is to get stronger with feet up, and then either add one foot and carry on, or do negative chin ups.  Will have to see how I feel as I get stronger. Negatives would be better as these would really allow the muscles to get used to the weight on the way down, doing enough means I should then be able to lift myself up.  Here’s hoping! Below is the full list of moves covered. At the end of the first month I will take a photo of my worksheet and upload it, just so you can see my progress.  Please don’t laugh! I will be trying very hard with the chin ups…

Incinerator Moves List

  • Renegade Row
  • Pull-ups
  • Floor Flys
  • Push-ups
  • Rocket Launcher Row
  • Chin-ups
  • “A” Press
  • Military Push-ups
  • Monkey Pump
  • Pike Press
  • Pterodactyl Flys
  • Flipper
  • Popeye Hammer Curls
  • Kneeler Curls
  • Hail to the Chief
  • Skyfers
  • Arm and Hammer
  • Rocket Launcher Kickbacks

My top after the workouts today….

Day 5 – Focus T25 and P90X3

Speed 1.0 and Pilates X

OK, OK, OK, I know I did the wrong workout.  I was meant to do Lower Focus today, and somehow I managed to do Speed 1.0.  So I apologise to Shaun T and the rest of the Focus T followers!! I just hope this does not affect my routine, to be honest I do not think it should though. I will keep with the routines as they are listed and try not to make any more mistakes…  Being Day 5, I did have to slow down though, I did not modify any of the moves, but worked out slower. I honestly do not think this really helped me as much as I think it did. Well, I can only get stronger as the weeks go by! Here is the moves list for Speed 1.0, kind of a killer routine.

Speed 1.0 Moves List

  • Jog It Out
  • Hop Hop Turn
  • Hop Hop Hook SquatHop Hop Hook
  • Jog It Out
  • Up & Over
  • Quad Stretch
  • Burpee + Alternating Front Kick
  • Prayer Hands Knee Bend
  • Side Hop Uppercut
  • Side Lunge Stretch
  • Low Crossjack
  • Hip Flexor Hold
  • Zigzag Hop
  • Squat Thrust + CrisscrossControl Knee Hold
  • Leg Crossover Stretch
  • Heisman Crossword
  • Heisman Crossword + Clap
  • Flat Back Rollup
  • Crisscross Hop
  • Crisscross + Half Tuck Jump
  • Hip Flexor Calf Stretch
  • Slow Quick Jab Combo
  • Chest Opener Stretch
  • Up & Over
  • Burpee + Alternating Front Kick
  • Side Hop Uppercut
  • Low Crossjack
  • Zigzag Hop
  • Squat Thrust + Crisscross
  • Heisman Crossword
  • Heisman Crossword + Clap
  • Crisscross Hop
  • Crisscross + Half Tuck Jump
  • Slow Quick Jab Combo
  • Stretch & Stability
  • Cool Down (2:25)

P90X3 Pilates X was an evening session. This one is actually pretty good, I really enjoyed this, even if it did kick my behind! I struggled with a lot of the moves, like hte V Rocker, Clam Killer, The Swimmer/The Flutter/The Bad Attitude, just to name a few.  OK to be honest, they were all a little tough. But I managed most of them with good form. The ones mentioned in the sentence earlier were the hardest. Another one which I know will get better with time! Let’s bring the pain!!

Pilates X Moves List

  • Hundreds
  • Single Leg Stretch
  • Double Leg Stretch
  • Peter’s Bridge
  • Teaser
  • V Rocker
  • Bridge Lifts
  • Scissor Ball
  • Bicycle
  • Hip Circles
  • Floating Cobra
  • The Swimmer / The Flutter / The Bad Attitude
  • Saw
  • Alphabet Soup
  • Scissor Side Plank
  • Sphinx Flag
  • Clam Killer
  • T’s T
  • Scissor Roller
  • The Pretzel

Day 3 – Focus T25 and P90X3

Total Body Circuit and X3 Yoga

Day 3! I made it!! Woo hoo. I am three days ahead of the millions of people sitting on their fat bottoms!

I was not prepared for what this mornings session had to offer. It was a toughie. I did well to keep up. Lacked a lot in pressup strength and half way through the shoulder taps, shoulders and core ran out of steam. Had to go to my knees to stick with it. Next time will push harder to keep with the press up. You only grow when you push yourself. Or at least thats what I’ve been told. All in all a good workout, finished with a great sweat and an awesome energised feeling…

X3 Yoga is something mot to be missed. I remember the original Yoga in P90X, it stills gives me nighmares! The first 30 minutes were the hardest, with all the warrior stances. Thankfully this session drops that down to a mere 14 minutes. Which I love!! Although its more intense, it seems easier as its such a short period of time. The last 16 minutes are balance stances and you get a little floor circuit which is heaven for someone with a bad lower back. Had a problem with Plow though. Belly and flexibility stopped me from doing this properly.

Tomorrow is a new day. So I bid you all a good night!

Day 2 – Focus T25 and P90X3

Speed 1.0 and Agility X

Whoop whoop day 2 completed! It wasn’t easy though. I started this whole training routing on a Sunday. Today was the firat day where 8 had to go to work inbetween the workouts.

Let me tell you about my day. Up at 6am, finished Speed 1.0 and then got ready for work. Clearly not doing something right as I am not sweating half as much as the rest of the team on the screen. Spent the rest of the day working (obviously) but also wanting to get home to workout! I know it sounds sad, but it’s true. Finally got home pretty late actually, but cracked on woth the workout. Its only 30 minutes, so theres no excuses. Dinner can wait!

Now a litte about the workouts, we’ll start with Speed 1.0. You move a lot and you move quick. The hardest partis always the burnout section of the workout. I did find some pf the moves to be easier than others, but thats to be expected. All in all another great workout. I’ll know my fav workout by the end of the week.

So Tony and his Agility X routine. Prepare to workout again! The morning was tough, this one seemed ok. I like the fact you get a few sexonds between the exercises, it helps me get a fracyion of my breath and energy back so I can really hammer the next exercise. My only issue is the plyo pushups, I can’t plyo! Sad but true. I can normally do a few, but was lacking energy today. Just couldn’t hit any of them. Plyo with knees down was all I could do. Yes I know, it’s a shame!

I will get better!!

Day 1 – Focus T25 and P90X3

Cardio and Total Synergistics

OK, lets get started. What the heck was I thinking!? This is going to be a tough few weeks whilst my body adjusts to the amount of exercising which is going to take place.

The firat day proved to be hard, but I pushed through the pain (of which there was a lot) and managed to get them both done. So to make it easier I had decided to do Focus T25 in the morning and P90X3 in the afternoon. So I would get a great workout in the morning, starting off my afterburn for the rest of the day. P90X3 would be done just before dinner, keeping the burnout going through the rest of the night.

It went just as planned! Feeling awesome.a little tired, but that because I am on a controlled diet too. I really am trying to get fit. I can’t put my hands on the floor!!!! My hamstrings are very tight, just hope by the end of these 15 weeks I can put my palms on the floor when stretching.

What can I do to make this a better blog? Add photos?