Day 8 Focus T25 and P90X3

Cardio and Total Synergistics

Focus T25 Cardio

Another cardio session down! Week 2 started off great! I am enjoying this whole routine. I have to admit though, I am pretty tired. After a week of dual workouts, I have realised I am waking up with way more energy, but I am only getting about 6 hours sleep a night. The fact that I work out at about 9pm, means I finish at 9.30pm. After this it would be a case of cooling down properly and then cleaning the workout area (putting away any weights, mats, blocks, etc). Sometimes, I did have to workout a bit later, which means getting to bed later. I know, I know, when training to get maximum benefits from training you need at least 8 hours worth of sleep. I need to factor this in.  Sadly though, with my schedule I will need to give up one of the routines…

P90X3 Total Synergistics

First time I spoke about this on Day 1, I didn’t put the moves list on, I was still getting used to how to blog this whole routine. See below for the full list of moves.  Another great session ending the day. But I am feeling stronger compared with last week and the sheet proves it! So a point to note here would be that I do not have the weights as shown in Total Synergistics (hexagonal ones – Bodymax Rubber Hex Dumbells). Instead I have the York 20kg Cast Iron Dumbbell Set. I know this is not the ideal situation as I need to be changing weights  with each exercise, but I have not changed anything.  So instead I have been moving slower, to keep the routine going, but because it’s a heavy weight it had to be slow. Case and point Side Rise Punch, I didn’t lower the weight, just used what I was already set up. Great session people! Get started!!!!!

Total Synergistics Moves List

  • Push-Up/Side Arm Balance
  • Crescent Chair
  • Pull Knee Pull
  • Flip Flop Crunch
  • Crawly Plyo Push-Ups
  • Releve-Plie, Weighted
  • Chin-Up Circle Crunch
  • Boat Plow
  • Balance Arch
  • 3 Hop Press
  • Glamour Hammer
  • Branon Boat
  • Flying Warrior
  • Squat Rockers
  • Side Rise Punch
  • Warrior Squat Moon

Day 1 – Focus T25 and P90X3

Cardio and Total Synergistics

OK, lets get started. What the heck was I thinking!? This is going to be a tough few weeks whilst my body adjusts to the amount of exercising which is going to take place.

The firat day proved to be hard, but I pushed through the pain (of which there was a lot) and managed to get them both done. So to make it easier I had decided to do Focus T25 in the morning and P90X3 in the afternoon. So I would get a great workout in the morning, starting off my afterburn for the rest of the day. P90X3 would be done just before dinner, keeping the burnout going through the rest of the night.

It went just as planned! Feeling awesome.a little tired, but that because I am on a controlled diet too. I really am trying to get fit. I can’t put my hands on the floor!!!! My hamstrings are very tight, just hope by the end of these 15 weeks I can put my palms on the floor when stretching.

What can I do to make this a better blog? Add photos?