Day 22 – Focus T25 and P90X3

Cardio and Isometrix

Isometrix came first today.  I wanted to give this my all as I had not really had a chance to try it out. Went well apart from Bounds Dog with the Leg Lift, how the heck do you guys balance on the arm and keg on the SAME side?!  Had a very hard time getting it right.

I have never mentioned how I write all these blog’s.  So I finish my workout, go straight for a protein shake and just relax, whilst relaxing, crank up the laptop and start typing.  This allows me to cool down enough, so when I step out of the shower I am ready for either bed or reading a chapter of something. At the moment, reading a book called Dodger by Terry Pratchett. One of my favourite authors. Anywho, lets get to the workouts!

So back to Isometrix, this is like the balance routine from X3 Yoga, but magnified with intensity!  I really enjoyed this routing, and could see myself putting the DVD on at any given time. It has joined the ranks of X3 Yoga and Pilates for a good workout, but something that’s not energetic. So each of the moves are 45s, and you do two different exercises back to back, switching sides. Then you repeat with the other sides, sounds easy enough. Did I tell you that you have to hold the positions for 45s?  I did, and you still think it’s easy? Give it a try and comment below to let me know how you got on!

You do use a lot of core in this though, which I am still getting used to.  After 4 weeks, my core is beginning to get stronger.  I have noticed that week on week! Which is great news for my lower back as it’s been in bad shape for a while. Here are the moves from this session:

  1. Plank Arm Reach
  2. Standing Leg Extension
  3. Plank Arm, Leg Lift
  4. Chair w/Extended Leg
  5. Forearm Side Balance
  6. Royal Dancer
  7. One Arm Sphinx
  8. Tree Pose
  9. Side Arm Balance
  10. Warrior 3
  11. Bound Dog
  12. Inner Balance
  13. Bound Dog (Leg lift) – (What the heck?!)
  14. Moon Dog
  15. Burnout (Crane)

This is a solid routine, I broke a sweat by the second move Standing Leg Extension. Get ready for some fun!

Now for Cardio! I managed to keep up with the rest, although I did have to ease up a little as my Achilles was killing! Eased up for about 5 minutes, let the pain subside made sure it was OK and then cracked on with the rest of the workout.  Yes indeed, I am still working out barefoot! This seems to work for me.  I have a foam mat for cushioning if I need it, but otherwise I workout on laminate… Keep up the good work people!!