See no Juice, Hear no juice

After a long morning. I pretty much stayed in bed until about 10. By the time I got ready it was 11.45am. No time for breakfast or brunch. I moved straight onto lunch.

It took a while oreparing myself this morning.  The recovery is not just slow at the moment, but painful. So I had to really take my time today.

Anyways,  juicing!! I have plenty of vegetables in the fridge thanks to my mum. She really helped us outby picking them up on her way over. So tomorrow will be another morning and afternoon juice. I can see a visible difference. And I also feel a lot better inside.

So with any luck. I may up the ante on this and go all out for three juices in a day. I’ll see how it goes tomorrow. I do however think I can move back to all three juices. Seeing as I am not allowed to exercise. I have to keep mt weight under control.

A strict diet, and an extremely simple exercise plan should help me keep on top of of any fat trying to attach itself to me. But also gef me fit (to a degree). The doctor has specifically that I should not be attempting any part of P90X for up to 6 weeks. Looking ainto alternatives right now.

Please do know if you can think of any…


#p90x2 break day 4

After another day of pain, it’s the sciatica for sure. I am unable to really bend sideways, as the pinch is kinda painful. The pain did ease up just now though, to be honest I should have taken something for it. But being a stubborn guy, I didn’t. Ah well, just grin and wait for it to be better. I have to say though. I think tomorrow may be a workout day! I might need to take it easy though, as it’s all core work. I can’t afford to have this affecting me, as I gotta a load of work on at the moment with my day job and my design work.

Fingers crossed for a good night’s rest, let’s see what the morning holds for my back and I.

By the way, I have not forgotten about the names of all the exercises, I’ll be adding them in tomorrow with any luck. I just need to find some time to sit down and type them up.

Happy training people! Bring it!

#p90x2 day 7

OMG! All done for the first week. I have just finished the X2 Balance + Power session. I feel great! To be expected really. My weaknesses were once again highlighted in this session what with such a weak core, the ball was proving difficult. Although I did realise that the Stability ball I am using is seriously in need of some air

We’ll see how I get on with the next session. I am hoping to increase week on week and pile on the pounds for the weights. My goals are set and I have to keep my eye on them. Making sure I do not slip.

So this session has a lot of core work in it. From side planks to sphinx, you’ll work your core like never before. It’s great with the added weight, but start off light, I did and I managed to make it through. But even the light weight was throwing me off balance. But will try again next week, with a little extra 🙂

I didn’t do the bonus round at the end as I had been fasting today. So with a bowl of fruit and a jacket potato I powered through this session. Tomorrow is a new day, and I start it all again! Week 2!

Perfect form beats extra reps…

#p90x2 day 6

YOGA! Sing it loud! I honestly went in here cursing Tony Horton… I remember the Yoga session from P90X, it still gives me nightmares!

But my fears soon melted away along with some of my stress. The moves, although tough were shorter than the original. So no having to work through all the variations of Warrior one at a time holding for 10 seconds each time until your legs burn as if with a white flame!

I digress. The moves are pretty tough, I’m not going to lie. But they get better. The overall workout is a lot shorter. It’s just over an hour, which for me was like “phew, should be easy”. Keep listening, as you can stay in a position too long. I didn’t have a good view of the TV, and had to play catch up a few times.

This has been one of the better exercises this week. But with my core being so week, my abs were pretty much blitzed by the end of this.

Keep that core tight, it’ll do you right…

#p90x2 day 5

So today I was meant to be doing X Yoga today, but forgot about some work I had to complete. Sadly, I have had to swap my day of rest from the end of the week to today. Which may ruin the routine for this week, but it’s alright, I am still getting into the swing of things. Next week, I’ll be sure to do better!

Small changes make for big differences…

#p90x2 day 4

Woah! X2 Total Body and X2 Ab Ripper today. This is amazing! So the workout is pretty tough. You gotta have your A game when running through this session. An exercise with the stability ball proved rather difficult, I was wobbling so much that I had to “modify” and just do the plank with tricep extension on the floor.

Having done most of the routines now I am starting to see where my weaknesses are. I am not ashamed to admit it, I have gone down to 0 on normal chin ups and my core is oretty poor.

It does upset me that I feel so weak. But thats the whole point of the workout to be steonger and better! I have goals set for what I hope to achieve when I complete this course. The ability to do unassisted chin ups! Thats really about it. My wife has been an absolute diamond in helping me do this. By making sure I eat properly and get enough rest. Thanks babe! (I hope she reads this lol)

Set a goal and stick to it…

#p90x2 day 3

Rest day! Glad for it to be honest. I am making sure to take it easy. Muscle are starting to feel a little sore, man alive, I have missed this feeling! I thought abiut doing the recovery dvd but opted out. I am going to just rest. I can always do the recovery next week. Although saying that I think I might be able to cram in a session over the weekend if I have time. See you all tomorrow, if indeed I have a lot of readers. Could be just the one reader. Well, I’ll make sure its a good read.