Day 25 – Focus T25 and P90X3

Total Body Circuit and Pilates X

All I can say is WOW! I think my diet has been spot on for a few days now, and energy was replenished fully today. Let’s get cracking with the details!

Focus T25 Total Body Circuit

So what changes did I make today?! I went for Gold! I tried not to modify anything…  So normally my arms are jelly and I have to drop to my knees during the tap push ups, today was better for me! I dug deep, and made sure I stayed with the normal push ups and I am thankful I did. Just to make it clear I was a little bit slower, I think I did one less rep than the rest on the screen. OK maybe two less reps.  But the fact here is, people, I did normal push ups all the way to the Burnout. Which made me feel amazing! 5 weeks in and now I can really see the difference in my fitness.  The fact I can do what I did today is great news.  My back is still hurting, and I think I need to stretch it more everyday. But that is something I need to work into an everyday routine, like perhaps before I go to bed. Will see if I can add in in today, the only problem is that I end up sweating, so will have to think this through.

Did I mention I used the push up stands during the shoulder tap routine? This allowed me to into a deeper press up!

P90X3 Pilates X

OK, am I the only pone who thinks this is a great session to end with. You get an awesome routine to start with, Total Body Circuit. It gets your heart rate up, covers exercising all muscles and then hits you with a great cardio session. Then you follow that with Pilates X, and you have the muscle stretches and extensions. This really helped me, it didn’t cool me down, but instead kept my heart rate up with the different moves under tension. I love the lower back session, it’s only a few moves, I’d have preferred to have seen this for at least 10 minutes, but I’ll take what I can get.

Clam Killer is still testing my core. I need a stronger core so I can stay on in the one arm plank for longer. This is going to be the key to future success in any of these workouts. It’s slow going but getting there. I managed to do a couple before failure on both sides…. Right, well, that’s all for now, I was going to upload a picture of my mat after I had finished the workout. But who wants to see a sweat stain?! If you do, I’ll update he post with it… Otherwise, keep up the good work!

This is how the mat looked after I had finished…

One sweaty mat and the stands that helped push me into deeper push ups!

One sweaty mat and the stands that helped push me into deeper push ups!


Day 23 – Focus T25 and P90X3

Total Body Circuit and Dynamix

What a day! So wake up this morning to find not only did we run out of milk, but we had no fruit left in the house.  Now this is not usually a bad thing in any other household, but if you speak to my wife, she will explain that leaving fruit anywhere within arms reach will probably vanish quickly! Generally I have about 2 bananas a day, along with 3-4 pieces of any other fruits I can get my hands on. Love bananas though, close second is strawberries. I think the nutritional benefits of bananas is something everyone should know about. Like having a banana before you go to bed, helps you sleep better!

Right so onto the exercises, I think as I have discussed these in past posts I do not need to go over the routines now, but if you check out some of my previous posts you will find all the moves listed. But I will say this, started off with the Total Body Circuit followed by Dynamix with a 30 second break.

The one thing I have noticed is that I am not drinking enough water, and I do not think I have been getting enough protein and nutrients. My meals have been restricted because I am trying to lose the weight around my belly…  Yes I said it! I have had some fat around the waist for as long as I can remember. I realised that during my workout, as about 15 minutes into the workout i was feeling tired and run-down. I will need to get my diet into order to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Back to back is tough, but if I go back to doing one workout in the morning and one workout in the evening I think I might be OK.

Dynamix actually worked really well today, as the stretch was welcome after the all over workout in Focus T25. Legs were burning during the 180° Squat + Touch Floor. Awesome!!!! Well, I can now relax, have some dinner and work on some designs.

Day 9 Focus T25 and P90X3

Total Body Circuit and Agility X

Focus T25 Total Body Circuit

I do like this workout, it gives me a number of chances to be better than the guys and gals on screen! Like, I kick butt with the Jab routine, it’s a bit too easy. Otherwise, I am still playing catchup with the rest of the routine, lol, darn it! But again, it’s a great routine. So without messing around, here’s the moves list as promised.  I really need to a review of each of the moves, but will get round to it when I have time. This again is something I have very little of, time I mean…

Total Body Circuit Moves List

  • Alternating Knee Lift
  • Slow Control Jog Lift On Toes
  • High Knee Jog
  • Hop Hop Turn
  • Jump Rope Run
  • Hop Hop Hook
  • Hop Hook Squat
  • Shoulder Tap (Left)
  • Shoulder Tap (Right)
  • Left Right Push Up
  • Tap Push Up
  • Alternating Front Lunge
  • Front Lunge + Squat
  • Front Lunge + 2x Squat
  • 2+2 Jab Lunge Squat Progression
  • 2+2 Rotating Jab
  • 2+2 In&Out Jab
  • 2+2 Moving Jab
  • Plank Hold
  • Plank Walk
  • Plank Walk + In&Out Abs
  • Plank Walk + Squat Hold
  • Power Squat Sprint It Out
  • Sprint + Power Squat
  • Sprint Turn + Squat Center
  • Walk Feet In&Out
  • 3 Hops In&Out
  • 2 Hops In&Out
  • Pike Up
  • 180° Hop Squat Left Side Squat
  • 180° Squat + Touch Floor
  • 180° Squat + Burpee
  • Alternating Spider Lunge
  • Spider Lunge + Push Up
  • Spider Push Up
  • Oblique Knee Push Up
  • Tap Push Up
  • Lunge Squat Progression
  • 2+2 Moving Jab
  • Plank Walk + Squat Hold
  • Sprint Turn + Squat Center
  • Pike Up
  • 180° Squat Burpee
  • Oblique Knee Push Up
  • Floor Sprints
  • Body Run
  • Cool Down (3:15)

P90X3 Agility X

My second attempt at this one! It was better than the first time around. Scissor Kick Jumps are a killer, barefoot is not a good idea, but I did it anyway. I had to ease up though, as jumping around in this way was affecting my lower back. When it got a bit too much, which was like 3 jumps in, I had to modify it and change to swing kicks (from Plyo). There were quite a few exercises which I did well at, I think to be honest a lot of people will find them easy…. Like Toe Tap Skaters, Gump Jump Push-Ups and Long Jump Sprint to name a few.

Agility X Moves List

  • Explode and Hold
  • Y Lunges
  • Joel Jump Squats
  • Toe Tap Skater
  • Near and Fars
  • Ring around the Posey
  • Scissor Kick Jumps
  • 8 Sprint 3
  • Plyo V Lunge
  • High Step Shuffle
  • Gump Jump Push-Ups
  • Tap that Line
  • Jump Knee Jump
  • Triangle Lunges
  • Squat Jump Lunge
  • 3.4 run
  • Long Jump Sprint
  • Plyo Line Push-Ups

Just remember to land like a cat on the jumps!

Day 3 – Focus T25 and P90X3

Total Body Circuit and X3 Yoga

Day 3! I made it!! Woo hoo. I am three days ahead of the millions of people sitting on their fat bottoms!

I was not prepared for what this mornings session had to offer. It was a toughie. I did well to keep up. Lacked a lot in pressup strength and half way through the shoulder taps, shoulders and core ran out of steam. Had to go to my knees to stick with it. Next time will push harder to keep with the press up. You only grow when you push yourself. Or at least thats what I’ve been told. All in all a good workout, finished with a great sweat and an awesome energised feeling…

X3 Yoga is something mot to be missed. I remember the original Yoga in P90X, it stills gives me nighmares! The first 30 minutes were the hardest, with all the warrior stances. Thankfully this session drops that down to a mere 14 minutes. Which I love!! Although its more intense, it seems easier as its such a short period of time. The last 16 minutes are balance stances and you get a little floor circuit which is heaven for someone with a bad lower back. Had a problem with Plow though. Belly and flexibility stopped me from doing this properly.

Tomorrow is a new day. So I bid you all a good night!