Day 26 – Focus T25 and P90X3

Ab Intervals/Speed 1.0 and Agility X

Focus T25 Ab Intervals and Speed 1.0

Lets see, this morning woke up and wife was already out for a jog. When she came back she knocked out a few sets of crunches, but as I was about to start my Ab Intervals session, she thought she would join in.  This made it really fun! 19 minutes flew by without even realising. So when she finally decided her abs had enough she left, by which time I had only 6 minutes left. This was great for me, as having her there pushed me to work harder but also the time went quicker as we were talking about the moves throughout the session.

Its not the same when you are working out on your own. It’s not like I can have a conversation with Shaun T. I mean I normally swear at teh screen when something is REALLY burning, but otherwise I am just telling myself I can push through it. Sad but true…. SO that was Ab Intervals. I was on my own for the Speed 1.0.  Which actually was a good workout today. Another day where I felt full of beans!

Now I know, you might have noticed a trend, I fast on Thursdays, and doing three workouts on a day I am fasting is probably not the best idea.  But I need to make sure I am keeping up with the program. That being said however I may just take Sunday off entirely and start my next Focus T25 week from Monday, which would then put my doubles day on a Friday. I’ll have a think about it before making the change. OK, so I think this is the first time I have managed both workouts in the morning. Normally I leave one for tomorrow, but not today! Nuh uh! I went like a trooper!

P90X3 Agility X

I didnt get time to do this one this evening. I will try and make up for it tomorrow if I can. But I am not holding my breath. Have a lot happening this weekend. But will keep updating regardless. If its not about the fitness (it should always be about fitness I hear you cry!) Then I have some other stuff I need to blog. Have a great day whatever you’re doing!


Day 10 Focus T25 and P90X3

Speed 1.0 and X3 Yoga

Focus T25 Speed 1.0

Wow!  Getting better bit by bit. Still working out barefoot, which some of you may shake your head at, but this allows my feet to move naturally. They are not restricted by any trainers (sneakers for the US contingency). I know a lot of people started using Vibrams when running, given the opportunity I think people might actually run barefoot if the opportunity arose. But I would not risk barefoot road running as you never know what you will step in. So yes, still working out barefoot 🙂 I think my feet are getting stronger, Lord knows the skin is getting tough down there. After 10 days though I can tell you that you need to rest your feet as much as possible.  Mine are aching a lot of the time, as I am having to walk a lot in shoes right now as I am a software trainer, so end up standing and walking around the class. At night, I rest them by raising them up, and giving them cold water shower. The shower cools them down and actually feels invigorating. Comment below if you think you have other ideas to make them feel better…

The session was good. I managed to stick with the team, and only had to modify a couple of time. I did not want to move slowly like last time, as I am sure this would slow down my heart rate. Instead I modified, but not like they tell you to, I went a bit more into it. So it was half way between the modified move and the full move so I got most of the workout but managed to keep the heart rate up. What do you guys think? Anyone think that’s a bad idea?

P90X3 X3 Yoga

I am starting to enjoy the Yoga sessions now. It’s a great stretch!! I still hate the beginning of the session as it’s all Warrior poses and although these are a great burn for the legs, they test me to my limits! I always breathe a sigh of relief when the Warrior moves come to an end, as I enjoy the balance series a bit more. I know that the warrior series is actually better for my leg strength and flexibility, so don’t think I don’t give it my all, I do. I make sure of it! So below are the moves list for the yoga session!

X3 Yoga Moves List

  • Child’s Pose
  • Downward Dog to Forward Hang
  • Sun Salutations
  • Sun Salutations Cresent
  • Airplane Over Leg
  • Sun Salutation
  • Warrior 1
  • Warrior 2
  • Reverse Warrior
  • Bound Side Angle Pose
  • Sun Salutation B
  • Warrior 3
  • Half Moon
  • Twisted Moon
  • Standing Splits
  • Cresent Pose
  • Wide Legs: Forward Fold, Bind Toes
  • Triangle
  • Twisted Triangle
  • Tree Pose
  • Extended Leg w/Toe Bind
  • Ted’s Chair
  • Crow
  • Vinyasa to Floor
  • Child’s Pose
  • Cat Dog
  • Bird Dog to Dog Dancer
  • Figure 4 Series
  • Plow/Shoulder Stand
  • Fish
  • Shavasana

Day 5 – Focus T25 and P90X3

Speed 1.0 and Pilates X

OK, OK, OK, I know I did the wrong workout.  I was meant to do Lower Focus today, and somehow I managed to do Speed 1.0.  So I apologise to Shaun T and the rest of the Focus T followers!! I just hope this does not affect my routine, to be honest I do not think it should though. I will keep with the routines as they are listed and try not to make any more mistakes…  Being Day 5, I did have to slow down though, I did not modify any of the moves, but worked out slower. I honestly do not think this really helped me as much as I think it did. Well, I can only get stronger as the weeks go by! Here is the moves list for Speed 1.0, kind of a killer routine.

Speed 1.0 Moves List

  • Jog It Out
  • Hop Hop Turn
  • Hop Hop Hook SquatHop Hop Hook
  • Jog It Out
  • Up & Over
  • Quad Stretch
  • Burpee + Alternating Front Kick
  • Prayer Hands Knee Bend
  • Side Hop Uppercut
  • Side Lunge Stretch
  • Low Crossjack
  • Hip Flexor Hold
  • Zigzag Hop
  • Squat Thrust + CrisscrossControl Knee Hold
  • Leg Crossover Stretch
  • Heisman Crossword
  • Heisman Crossword + Clap
  • Flat Back Rollup
  • Crisscross Hop
  • Crisscross + Half Tuck Jump
  • Hip Flexor Calf Stretch
  • Slow Quick Jab Combo
  • Chest Opener Stretch
  • Up & Over
  • Burpee + Alternating Front Kick
  • Side Hop Uppercut
  • Low Crossjack
  • Zigzag Hop
  • Squat Thrust + Crisscross
  • Heisman Crossword
  • Heisman Crossword + Clap
  • Crisscross Hop
  • Crisscross + Half Tuck Jump
  • Slow Quick Jab Combo
  • Stretch & Stability
  • Cool Down (2:25)

P90X3 Pilates X was an evening session. This one is actually pretty good, I really enjoyed this, even if it did kick my behind! I struggled with a lot of the moves, like hte V Rocker, Clam Killer, The Swimmer/The Flutter/The Bad Attitude, just to name a few.  OK to be honest, they were all a little tough. But I managed most of them with good form. The ones mentioned in the sentence earlier were the hardest. Another one which I know will get better with time! Let’s bring the pain!!

Pilates X Moves List

  • Hundreds
  • Single Leg Stretch
  • Double Leg Stretch
  • Peter’s Bridge
  • Teaser
  • V Rocker
  • Bridge Lifts
  • Scissor Ball
  • Bicycle
  • Hip Circles
  • Floating Cobra
  • The Swimmer / The Flutter / The Bad Attitude
  • Saw
  • Alphabet Soup
  • Scissor Side Plank
  • Sphinx Flag
  • Clam Killer
  • T’s T
  • Scissor Roller
  • The Pretzel

Day 2 – Focus T25 and P90X3

Speed 1.0 and Agility X

Whoop whoop day 2 completed! It wasn’t easy though. I started this whole training routing on a Sunday. Today was the firat day where 8 had to go to work inbetween the workouts.

Let me tell you about my day. Up at 6am, finished Speed 1.0 and then got ready for work. Clearly not doing something right as I am not sweating half as much as the rest of the team on the screen. Spent the rest of the day working (obviously) but also wanting to get home to workout! I know it sounds sad, but it’s true. Finally got home pretty late actually, but cracked on woth the workout. Its only 30 minutes, so theres no excuses. Dinner can wait!

Now a litte about the workouts, we’ll start with Speed 1.0. You move a lot and you move quick. The hardest partis always the burnout section of the workout. I did find some pf the moves to be easier than others, but thats to be expected. All in all another great workout. I’ll know my fav workout by the end of the week.

So Tony and his Agility X routine. Prepare to workout again! The morning was tough, this one seemed ok. I like the fact you get a few sexonds between the exercises, it helps me get a fracyion of my breath and energy back so I can really hammer the next exercise. My only issue is the plyo pushups, I can’t plyo! Sad but true. I can normally do a few, but was lacking energy today. Just couldn’t hit any of them. Plyo with knees down was all I could do. Yes I know, it’s a shame!

I will get better!!