Day 24 – Focus T25 and P90X3

Lower Focus and The Warrior

Feet were very sore this morning, to the point where heels and Achilles had some pain. Because of this I had to take it easy with the calf raises during the Focus T25 Lower Focus session.  Towards the end the pain subsided, and I think the heel pain was just that I need to get the feet used to walking around again, and tried not to do anything where I was landing on the heel.  The Achilles just seemed to need a good stretch, I tried to do this before I started the session, and honestly I thought I had done it, but I think it cooled down before I began.  But like I said it was fine towards the end.  So I gave it 100% regardless.

Progress wise, I am trying to not only keep up with everyone on the screen but also trying to change certain things to get a better workout.  Like for example when doing squats, I put my arms out in front.  This allows me to keep my back straight and go deeper into the squat.

So there’s a top tip! Reach your arms out in front when doing squats, helps keep your back straight, and you’ll keep the weight in the heel.

P90X3 – The Warrior

This was a new one for me.  I thought for sure there would be a back workout, but I was mistaken.  This is more chest, core, legs and cardio, also no weights, all body weight exercises. The moves are listed below, they are all pretty intense, and well worth doing! I think with the new information like “flex the glutes” when in plank helps tighten the core some more.  I generally don’t do this.  Adds another element to the routine. I remember a couple of these from the original P90X like the side lunge jump shot, and the spider-man squats (although these were called something else at the time). So give it your best! I look forward to hearing about your results. You should not need to modify, but if you do, keep up with modifier on the screen. Who seems to manage well with the workout, I think she was forced into being the modifier. But she was on the DVD and I think that’s all that mattered at the time. So without further ado, here is the list of moves:

The Warrior Moves List

  • SIDE LUNGE JUMP SHOT – (P90X anyone?)

Another top tip, you may hear this all the time, but it’s true: Tighten the core in any lunge or squat to keep your back protected!

Day 12 Focus T25 and P90X3

Lower Focus/Ab Intervals and Pilates X

Focus T25 Lower Focus/Ab Intervals (moving to tomorrow)

So I was meant to cover two sessions today, but alas not enough time and not enough energy.  I woke up, and already hungry I decided I just would not be able to focus on the workout properly.  Finished off the morning session, had my protein shake and that was it.  The workout  is crazy! So it’s called Lower Focus, I wonder what that covers?! You guessed it, lower body. It’s pretty tough though.  I had a bit of a problem with the calf raises, as my Achilles started playing up again. So I have to be honest, it was difficult for me.  A number of times you would have found be grabbing my knees and trying to catch my breath. The number of squats he makes you do will have your Quads burning!  The lunges do not help with this either!! But here is the list, and you can see what I had to go through…

Lower Focus Moves List

  • Alternating Knee Lift
  • Lift On Toes
  • High Knee Jog
  • Slow Control Jog
  • Jack Feet
  • Double Jack Feet
  • Double Jack + Arms
  • Basic Jack
  • Basic Squat
  • Squat Pulse
  • Basic Squat + Arms Up
  • Control Squat Jump
  • Calf Raise (L)
  • Calf Hop + Arms Up (L)
  • Calf Raise (R)
  • Calf Hop + Arms Up (R)
  • Narrow Lunge (L)
  • Wide Lunge (L)
  • Deep Lunge Pulse (L)
  • Deep Lunge Hold (L)
  • Narrow Lunge (R)
  • Wide Lunge (R)
  • Deep Lunge Pulse (R)
  • Deep Lunge Hold (R)
  • Control Squat Jump
  • Calf Hop (L)
  • Calf Hop (R)
  • Deep Lunge Pulse (L)
  • Deep Lunge Pulse (R)
  • Alternating Front Lunge
  • Front Lunge & Squat
  • Front Lunge & 2x Squat
  • Lunge Squat Progression
  • Abductor Squat
  • 2 + 2 Abductor Squat
  • 2 + 2 Stay Low
  • Stay Low Abductor Burn
  • 2 + 2 Knee Up
  • Up & Over
  • Up & Over & 2x Squat
  • Up & Over & Touch Floor
  • Deadlift Tap (L)
  • Deadlift Knee Raise (L)
  • Deadlift Tap (R)
  • Deadlift Knee Raise (R)
  • Lunge Squat Progression
  • Stay Low Abductor Burn
  • Up & Over & Touch Floor
  • Deadlift Knee Raise (L)
  • Deadlift Knee Raise (R)
  • Hop Squat + Hip Flexor
  • Cool Down

P90X3 Pilates X

This was my evening session. This one is now a firm favourite of mine. Like he says you can put this DVD on at any time.  I agree, I can see myself using this DVD even after the P90X3 blocks are completed.Not much else to say other than, hip flexors are still tight, so I still can’t do much with the leg raises, but I give it my best.  Stretch and Flexibility will be the goal towards the end of this!

Is anyone else out there having a hard time with the final move in Pilates X?

Saw this, and thought “what a great quote”…

This is how you should feel after every workout!

This is how you should feel after every workout!