One Hundred Press Ups and Two Hundred Squats

OK, so a new exercise program….

So a little background.  I have two herniated discs, one of which ruptured. Which actually caused me a lot of pain, in my ass! Literally!! Well, just the left cheek.  It’s Sciatica.  This happened back in May, and since then I have been trying to control my eating (hence the juice diet), and visiting the physiotherapist 3 times a week. Now I am down to once a week. But I still do the stretches and exercises every day.

Back to the new training…  I was reading about this online, and I have been reading a number of different articles, magazines and books. It’s all good and well that I can complete Phase 1 of P90X, but can I do 100 press ups? No… It’s great if you can complete the Insanity workout, but 100 press ups? Nope. So for me, I am not allowed to touch the weights until my back is not 100% better.  Its not even close to 80%! So I am starting on body weight exercises, which help with core development and get the heart pumping.

So today was day 1 of two exercises which I found on the iPhone App store:

One Hundred Press Ups
Two Hundred Squats

So I got excited and started a little earlier than they recommend.  But I was free, and need to get this started! I’ll also be adding in the workout my physiotherapist has provided, I’ll think about adding photos of each one. But I am a little camera shy! lol

Both applications can be found in the iPhone App store. Check them out if you want to try them out.

Once my back is 100% I’ll be moving on to try the Twenty Five Pull Ups, seeing as I can only do 1 good form pull up without the help of a chair. I’ll also start jogging again.

Good luck if you are also trying out the app, or if you start after reading this…