Day 25 – Focus T25 and P90X3

Total Body Circuit and Pilates X

All I can say is WOW! I think my diet has been spot on for a few days now, and energy was replenished fully today. Let’s get cracking with the details!

Focus T25 Total Body Circuit

So what changes did I make today?! I went for Gold! I tried not to modify anything…  So normally my arms are jelly and I have to drop to my knees during the tap push ups, today was better for me! I dug deep, and made sure I stayed with the normal push ups and I am thankful I did. Just to make it clear I was a little bit slower, I think I did one less rep than the rest on the screen. OK maybe two less reps.  But the fact here is, people, I did normal push ups all the way to the Burnout. Which made me feel amazing! 5 weeks in and now I can really see the difference in my fitness.  The fact I can do what I did today is great news.  My back is still hurting, and I think I need to stretch it more everyday. But that is something I need to work into an everyday routine, like perhaps before I go to bed. Will see if I can add in in today, the only problem is that I end up sweating, so will have to think this through.

Did I mention I used the push up stands during the shoulder tap routine? This allowed me to into a deeper press up!

P90X3 Pilates X

OK, am I the only pone who thinks this is a great session to end with. You get an awesome routine to start with, Total Body Circuit. It gets your heart rate up, covers exercising all muscles and then hits you with a great cardio session. Then you follow that with Pilates X, and you have the muscle stretches and extensions. This really helped me, it didn’t cool me down, but instead kept my heart rate up with the different moves under tension. I love the lower back session, it’s only a few moves, I’d have preferred to have seen this for at least 10 minutes, but I’ll take what I can get.

Clam Killer is still testing my core. I need a stronger core so I can stay on in the one arm plank for longer. This is going to be the key to future success in any of these workouts. It’s slow going but getting there. I managed to do a couple before failure on both sides…. Right, well, that’s all for now, I was going to upload a picture of my mat after I had finished the workout. But who wants to see a sweat stain?! If you do, I’ll update he post with it… Otherwise, keep up the good work!

This is how the mat looked after I had finished…

One sweaty mat and the stands that helped push me into deeper push ups!

One sweaty mat and the stands that helped push me into deeper push ups!


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