Day 23 – Focus T25 and P90X3

Total Body Circuit and Dynamix

What a day! So wake up this morning to find not only did we run out of milk, but we had no fruit left in the house.  Now this is not usually a bad thing in any other household, but if you speak to my wife, she will explain that leaving fruit anywhere within arms reach will probably vanish quickly! Generally I have about 2 bananas a day, along with 3-4 pieces of any other fruits I can get my hands on. Love bananas though, close second is strawberries. I think the nutritional benefits of bananas is something everyone should know about. Like having a banana before you go to bed, helps you sleep better!

Right so onto the exercises, I think as I have discussed these in past posts I do not need to go over the routines now, but if you check out some of my previous posts you will find all the moves listed. But I will say this, started off with the Total Body Circuit followed by Dynamix with a 30 second break.

The one thing I have noticed is that I am not drinking enough water, and I do not think I have been getting enough protein and nutrients. My meals have been restricted because I am trying to lose the weight around my belly…  Yes I said it! I have had some fat around the waist for as long as I can remember. I realised that during my workout, as about 15 minutes into the workout i was feeling tired and run-down. I will need to get my diet into order to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Back to back is tough, but if I go back to doing one workout in the morning and one workout in the evening I think I might be OK.

Dynamix actually worked really well today, as the stretch was welcome after the all over workout in Focus T25. Legs were burning during the 180° Squat + Touch Floor. Awesome!!!! Well, I can now relax, have some dinner and work on some designs.


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