Day 5 – Focus T25 and P90X3

Speed 1.0 and Pilates X

OK, OK, OK, I know I did the wrong workout.  I was meant to do Lower Focus today, and somehow I managed to do Speed 1.0.  So I apologise to Shaun T and the rest of the Focus T followers!! I just hope this does not affect my routine, to be honest I do not think it should though. I will keep with the routines as they are listed and try not to make any more mistakes…  Being Day 5, I did have to slow down though, I did not modify any of the moves, but worked out slower. I honestly do not think this really helped me as much as I think it did. Well, I can only get stronger as the weeks go by! Here is the moves list for Speed 1.0, kind of a killer routine.

Speed 1.0 Moves List

  • Jog It Out
  • Hop Hop Turn
  • Hop Hop Hook SquatHop Hop Hook
  • Jog It Out
  • Up & Over
  • Quad Stretch
  • Burpee + Alternating Front Kick
  • Prayer Hands Knee Bend
  • Side Hop Uppercut
  • Side Lunge Stretch
  • Low Crossjack
  • Hip Flexor Hold
  • Zigzag Hop
  • Squat Thrust + CrisscrossControl Knee Hold
  • Leg Crossover Stretch
  • Heisman Crossword
  • Heisman Crossword + Clap
  • Flat Back Rollup
  • Crisscross Hop
  • Crisscross + Half Tuck Jump
  • Hip Flexor Calf Stretch
  • Slow Quick Jab Combo
  • Chest Opener Stretch
  • Up & Over
  • Burpee + Alternating Front Kick
  • Side Hop Uppercut
  • Low Crossjack
  • Zigzag Hop
  • Squat Thrust + Crisscross
  • Heisman Crossword
  • Heisman Crossword + Clap
  • Crisscross Hop
  • Crisscross + Half Tuck Jump
  • Slow Quick Jab Combo
  • Stretch & Stability
  • Cool Down (2:25)

P90X3 Pilates X was an evening session. This one is actually pretty good, I really enjoyed this, even if it did kick my behind! I struggled with a lot of the moves, like hte V Rocker, Clam Killer, The Swimmer/The Flutter/The Bad Attitude, just to name a few.  OK to be honest, they were all a little tough. But I managed most of them with good form. The ones mentioned in the sentence earlier were the hardest. Another one which I know will get better with time! Let’s bring the pain!!

Pilates X Moves List

  • Hundreds
  • Single Leg Stretch
  • Double Leg Stretch
  • Peter’s Bridge
  • Teaser
  • V Rocker
  • Bridge Lifts
  • Scissor Ball
  • Bicycle
  • Hip Circles
  • Floating Cobra
  • The Swimmer / The Flutter / The Bad Attitude
  • Saw
  • Alphabet Soup
  • Scissor Side Plank
  • Sphinx Flag
  • Clam Killer
  • T’s T
  • Scissor Roller
  • The Pretzel

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