Day 4 – Focus T25 and P90X3

Ab Intervals and The Challenge

Waking up with more energy! Its not easy though, 3 whey protein shakes a day, plus the three diet controlled normal meals. My wife is helping me control my diet. I have so far given up coffee. Its been four weeks so far, no more fizzy drinks, no biscuits or crisps. Lets see how long I can last. I did have a bit of a headache this morning, but have been told this was simply a reaction to the impurities leaving the body. I am hoping the coffee thing does have a positive effect on my health as I am always reading in magazines and online articles that coffee is might be good for you. Does anyone out there have a definitive answer on this? But to be honest I cannot do just one coffee a day. I am the type who wll have one and then another and another and before I know it, thats 4 coffees in one day! Not ideal when you want to be healthy. Ah well…

So Ab Intervals, what can I say?? Iys not that easy. For this one I tried to stick with the rest of the crew, even tjough it meant I was moving slower. The hardest move I have found is the pike ups, having a weak core like i do means this exercise is poorly executed! Next week I’ll be better. A good core routine none the less. I have been trying to count out all the seconds oer exercise and in some cases one side gets a few more seconds of an exercise. If that makes sense…

The Challenge is all about pushing and pulling. After finishing it, I reviewed the numbers I had avhieved. Not great I have to admit. A little embarrassing actually. But never the less, that will not get me down. Just have to get stronger and faster! Faster?? Yes, so in the time I cranked out 10 pushups, the on screen guys had done maybe 20! So, yes, quicker!

Well I need to catch some z’s… have a great workout people!


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