Day 3 – Focus T25 and P90X3

Total Body Circuit and X3 Yoga

Day 3! I made it!! Woo hoo. I am three days ahead of the millions of people sitting on their fat bottoms!

I was not prepared for what this mornings session had to offer. It was a toughie. I did well to keep up. Lacked a lot in pressup strength and half way through the shoulder taps, shoulders and core ran out of steam. Had to go to my knees to stick with it. Next time will push harder to keep with the press up. You only grow when you push yourself. Or at least thats what I’ve been told. All in all a good workout, finished with a great sweat and an awesome energised feeling…

X3 Yoga is something mot to be missed. I remember the original Yoga in P90X, it stills gives me nighmares! The first 30 minutes were the hardest, with all the warrior stances. Thankfully this session drops that down to a mere 14 minutes. Which I love!! Although its more intense, it seems easier as its such a short period of time. The last 16 minutes are balance stances and you get a little floor circuit which is heaven for someone with a bad lower back. Had a problem with Plow though. Belly and flexibility stopped me from doing this properly.

Tomorrow is a new day. So I bid you all a good night!


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