Day 2 – Focus T25 and P90X3

Speed 1.0 and Agility X

Whoop whoop day 2 completed! It wasn’t easy though. I started this whole training routing on a Sunday. Today was the firat day where 8 had to go to work inbetween the workouts.

Let me tell you about my day. Up at 6am, finished Speed 1.0 and then got ready for work. Clearly not doing something right as I am not sweating half as much as the rest of the team on the screen. Spent the rest of the day working (obviously) but also wanting to get home to workout! I know it sounds sad, but it’s true. Finally got home pretty late actually, but cracked on woth the workout. Its only 30 minutes, so theres no excuses. Dinner can wait!

Now a litte about the workouts, we’ll start with Speed 1.0. You move a lot and you move quick. The hardest partis always the burnout section of the workout. I did find some pf the moves to be easier than others, but thats to be expected. All in all another great workout. I’ll know my fav workout by the end of the week.

So Tony and his Agility X routine. Prepare to workout again! The morning was tough, this one seemed ok. I like the fact you get a few sexonds between the exercises, it helps me get a fracyion of my breath and energy back so I can really hammer the next exercise. My only issue is the plyo pushups, I can’t plyo! Sad but true. I can normally do a few, but was lacking energy today. Just couldn’t hit any of them. Plyo with knees down was all I could do. Yes I know, it’s a shame!

I will get better!!


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