See no Juice, Hear no juice

After a long morning. I pretty much stayed in bed until about 10. By the time I got ready it was 11.45am. No time for breakfast or brunch. I moved straight onto lunch.

It took a while oreparing myself this morning.  The recovery is not just slow at the moment, but painful. So I had to really take my time today.

Anyways,  juicing!! I have plenty of vegetables in the fridge thanks to my mum. She really helped us outby picking them up on her way over. So tomorrow will be another morning and afternoon juice. I can see a visible difference. And I also feel a lot better inside.

So with any luck. I may up the ante on this and go all out for three juices in a day. I’ll see how it goes tomorrow. I do however think I can move back to all three juices. Seeing as I am not allowed to exercise. I have to keep mt weight under control.

A strict diet, and an extremely simple exercise plan should help me keep on top of of any fat trying to attach itself to me. But also gef me fit (to a degree). The doctor has specifically that I should not be attempting any part of P90X for up to 6 weeks. Looking ainto alternatives right now.

Please do know if you can think of any…


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