How much did I drink?

Right, so I thought it would be kind of fun to see how much I had drunk the last time around when I completed the two weeks juicing fast… I know I know, so I did not actually complete the total of two weeks. I had a few salads instead of juices… I am not ashamed.  It was my first time juicing and after the first week I was very much done with juicing.  But this break helped me continue and finish.

If you are considering the juicing fast, I commend you on completing all the days with no breaks (unlike myself), but it took my sister to convince me and realize that healthy eating can also be just as good as juicing. Thanks Usha.

So in total I drank 487 ounces which is around 13 837 ml.  This does not include the 6 cups of water I had per day for the 2 weeks.  But even then almost 14l of fresh vegetable/fruit juice is not a bad deal. The one thing that made it great, was that after completing it I could have milk again.  OK, so it’s not quite how it was before. Where I could drink a pint without an issue. But I can now have a glass and eat cheese (in small quantities). Fingers crossed another round of this and I might be able to improve on that.


One thought on “How much did I drink?

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