Juicing again

So I started talking to Bimal, he is having issues with shifting some weight. Now although he’s got his exercise routine setup, his diet is the issue. Well actually I take that back. He’s improved it a lot. He makes most of his own food, and he even cooks for his wife.

I know the last sentence will ruin the day for most husbands, but thats not my worry. Anyways, so good news… after speaking with Bimal, I spoke with his wife. We didn’t speak for great length but I asked her if Bimal had completed his day of juicing. She said he hadn’t, which then turned into a conversation about why its so good. A short conversation later and she said she would do it.

She’d make sure her and Bimal have at least one juice a day, this replaces one meal. So that’s my good deed for the day.

I hope they follow through.

Also my wife and I are going to start it off again. I am going to try for the full three meal replacement for a week, this should prove effective for my recovery. My wife will only replace the one meal.


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