#p90x2 day 7

OMG! All done for the first week. I have just finished the X2 Balance + Power session. I feel great! To be expected really. My weaknesses were once again highlighted in this session what with such a weak core, the ball was proving difficult. Although I did realise that the Stability ball I am using is seriously in need of some air

We’ll see how I get on with the next session. I am hoping to increase week on week and pile on the pounds for the weights. My goals are set and I have to keep my eye on them. Making sure I do not slip.

So this session has a lot of core work in it. From side planks to sphinx, you’ll work your core like never before. It’s great with the added weight, but start off light, I did and I managed to make it through. But even the light weight was throwing me off balance. But will try again next week, with a little extra 🙂

I didn’t do the bonus round at the end as I had been fasting today. So with a bowl of fruit and a jacket potato I powered through this session. Tomorrow is a new day, and I start it all again! Week 2!

Perfect form beats extra reps…


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