#p90x2 day 6

YOGA! Sing it loud! I honestly went in here cursing Tony Horton… I remember the Yoga session from P90X, it still gives me nightmares!

But my fears soon melted away along with some of my stress. The moves, although tough were shorter than the original. So no having to work through all the variations of Warrior one at a time holding for 10 seconds each time until your legs burn as if with a white flame!

I digress. The moves are pretty tough, I’m not going to lie. But they get better. The overall workout is a lot shorter. It’s just over an hour, which for me was like “phew, should be easy”. Keep listening, as you can stay in a position too long. I didn’t have a good view of the TV, and had to play catch up a few times.

This has been one of the better exercises this week. But with my core being so week, my abs were pretty much blitzed by the end of this.

Keep that core tight, it’ll do you right…


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