Juicing Reboot – Composting

It’s been a week since I almost finished. A lot has happened, and I can assure you that juicing is still on my mind!

How many places can you get you 5 a day in one glass?? I mean really! Two glasses and you’ve got all your nutrients for two days in one day. Well that’s if we listen to all these health and well being sites.

So my thought… If you like gardening, and you like juicing, try making your own compost.

You’ll have plenty going in. Three times a day if you juice that much, and I can assure you that it really adds up! Just buy a decent compost bin and you’re away.

Set it far away from the house, as in the heat it will start to smell. But after a few weeks you should see some great progress with your compost. The compost can then be used to feed your own plants, why not start your own vegetable patch? You can grow your own ingredients for the “Mean Green” or the V8!

When I start back up, I will consider the compost bin if I can find a place to put it away from the house.

I hope this thought helps you, keep juicing, keep healthy!


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