Final Words for Juice Fast

Hi All!

This will be my final message for the juice fast, which I started 13 days ago. Tomorrow I’ll be eating normally. Well sort of normally, as I’ll still stick to fruits and salads! They really are good. But I just need to get more protein in my diet.

Thankfully my sessions with the Physiotherapist are getting better and because my back is almost to a point where I can start jogging, I think exercise will need to be added into my day again! Need to get in shape. Sorry, I digress…. Back to the juicing…

So I had a comment earlier from a reader asking me about the benefits, so I listed them for her. But here they are below:

Weight loss – this was 1lb a day for the first 8 days, after which it plateaued. But after discussing this with a nutritionist and physiotherapist, they said I would need an exercise plan to make sure the weight loss continued on.

Sleep – Yes! This was great, I find myself falling into a deeper sleep. This was great for me, as I am usually a light sleeper. You wake up feeling refreshed.

Energy – This one was great, as I used to fall asleep at around noon time, so I’d go get a coffee or something. But during the fast, I was so full of energy all the time. I’d only feel tired towards the end of the day.

Brain – You’d be surprised how much this affects you, I was thinking more clearly than I used to, and was able to concentrate better too!

Skin – Hmmmmm, this was an odd one. I have pretty good skin already, so I didn’t notice much here. No one else in the house mentioned anything either, so I doubt there were any real benefits for me here.

Ailments – I only have one thing wrong with me, I am lactose intolerant. I have read a number of forums where people have said it has “fixed” them from their ailments. So tomorrow I will try a glass of milk with my oats and see what er happens….

Stomach – Less bloated, digestion was great and I didn’t get any acid reflex issues or heart burn. Which I guess is to be expected as you take your time drinking and you don’t just gulp it down in one sitting.

I was rather hoping to finish the 15 days, but I have decided that I will continue to juice, maybe a few days a month. But if I do, I’ll be sure to provide more updates, so do come back. I’ve decided to continue blogging about, well, everything! There’s a few things I want to try out. The new blog will be called, I’ll change this as soon as this is posted.

Thank you for reading over the last 13 days… If you are juicing, keep up the good work. Not only is it good for you, but you’re actually setting an example for others… You never know, you may just change someone’s life.

Take care



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