Food for thought (I miss pizza)

It’s been a good day. I have done a lot of work. I have a lot of revision still to do. But that’s a rant for a different blog.

I find that making a juice can take a long time. If you had someone else to clean the kitchen then it’s not so bad.

Take the weekend for example. I would make the juice, wash the juicer, empty the bin by the sink, scrub the counter top and the I can enjoy the juice. Luckily I am not cleaning the kitchen on the weekdays. Juicing is time consuming, I can see why people make jugs of the stuff!

I just cannot see my self drinking the same juice for lunch and dinner. Although… Saying that they looked similar today, and heck most of them tasted the same last week! I blame the Kale!

Does anyone think I should continue on this path? I was thinking I would stick to juicing once a day. That way I get most of the benefits. But have a normal meal in the evening. Nothing fatty like pizza, or hoagies. To be honest, I have not given a second or first thought for that matter to any fast food. Which is great as I really did like Taco Bell.

Ah Taco Bell, crunch Wrap Supremes mixed with crack cocaine which is why they taste so good! They must have a “special” ingredient, they are so addictive!

Had an interesting chat with my cousin. She thinks that the Indian way of eating from the villages is probably the best method. I am think she may be right. A large lunch and a snack for dinner. Very good plan. I’ll need to test it out!

Right time to log off! Thank you all for keeping me company.


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