Juicing Day 10 – Dinner (jointhereboot.com)

Ho Ho Ho Green Giant!

Who love’s Green Giant? Everyone does! Sweet corn in a tin is probably not as healthy as the cob version, but it tastes grrrrrrrrrreat!

So dinner, sautéed some vegetables, had a plateful and a large glass of warm water with Lime. Veggies in the mix were: Broccoli, Carrot, Onions, Green Peppers.  Hell if I knew this was an option, I would have tried this sooner.  A little salt, some chillies and some pepper, makes it a meal. Sadly there was no picture, I’ll do one tomorrow, I was not prepared for dinner being served.  Didn’t even have my phone on me!!

I think dinner tomorrow maybe this as well, but I’ll throw in some Kale, Mushrooms, Celery and should I do Beets as well? I need some advice on that… I think the Beetroot might be too much. I’ll check the Join The Reboot site see what other recipes they have. As usual I’ll keep you guys (this includes gals as well) posted!

I am rather hoping I will be able to sleep tonight, after last night.  I do not need to have another sleepless night.  If I do, I’ll be sure to write-up some more posts. Thanks for reading, Mr Patel Out!


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