Advice for anyone in general

So I was thinking about how I have managed to get this far in my diet. I thought perhaps it was the great tasting juices? The fact this is all for the greater good of my health? Maybe even the slightest chance I may get to see my abs by the end of it?

It’s none of these reasons.

My advice to you if you are going to embark on this worthy and sometimes annoying diet is to take it one day at a time. Do not think about how many days you have left. Do not think about how many times you’ll have to clean the juicer. Just think “today”.

Everything is today, today is all that matters in the here and now. But spare a thought for the morning juice, try not to finish all the fruit, else in the morning you’ll have a teeny tiny problem on your hands. Unless of course you have time to go to the market before breakfast, not recommended as your body will need some nutrients.

So yes, think about today and only today. Take it one day at a time.

If you’re a macho man Randy Savage type and this is nothing, then you have way more will power than I! My hat is off to you sir or madam…

I’ll leave you with an image I was emailed, I actually love cats now because if my fiancĂ©.



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