Juicing Day 8 – Lunch (jointhereboot.com)

Hurdy hurdy hurdy hurdy flipflipflipflipflip! – Swedish Chef

Who doesn’t think the Swedish Chef from Sesame street is funny?! He’s firggin’ hilarious! So lunch, still no juice in site! But here’s what I made and had… So to start off with, let me just explain where I stand at the moment.  The morning allowed me to think about it.  Although I am enjoying the juicing, I think I am juiced out, and so this is a day off from juicing.  But not from the Reboot program! I though why not try one of the recipes they have.  Now I have not seen a salad I like on the site, and thought I’d just create my own. The recipe is a bit furhter down, you can have a look now…  Just keep scrolling….  A little further…. OK stop reading and start scrolling if you really want to know 😛

Now the recipe I decided to follow what the Cherry Cinnamon Apple Bake.  So it’s called a bake, but I just stuck it on the stove. So no oil as they requested.  The Cherries were really juicy, as were the apples, so after about 10 minutes the cherries started to sweat.  This helped steam the apples so they were nice and soft by the end. Check the photos to the left, they smelt amazing, you can smell the cinnamon throughout the house.  Very inviting.

Time to try more recipes, the one thing that really put me off this recipe was that I had to pit the Cherries myself.  So if you have someone you tell to do this, you know like a little brother or sister, a relative, your butler, neighbor, anybody else would be good! It was just annoying.  Otherwise, the rest was OK, I cut all the vegetables for the salad whilst the Cherries and Apples were cooking. Another recipe tomorrow! Lovely Bubbley…


  • 3 Radishes
  • 2 Tomatoes
  • 3 Carrots
  • 5 leaves of Lettuce
  • 2 large sticks of Celery
  • 1 green Bell Pepper
  • 1 Cucumber
  • 2 cloves of Garlic
  • Olive oil (I know, I should not have done that)

NOTE: Add red onion to really liven it up


2 thoughts on “Juicing Day 8 – Lunch (jointhereboot.com)

  1. Hey – well done on your efforts thus far – have been truley impressed with your will power (and even more so with your diligent record keeping with the recipes and photos etc).

    I ate “clean” at the start of this year for around 6 weeks and felt fantastic afterwards. i was not as stringent (and hardcore!) as you, but basically cut out all simple carbs and tried to eat as much fresh vegetables (especially the greens) and fruit as possible. Then after 7 weeks introduced lentils and pulses and then finally complex carbs like wholemeal pasta and oats…as you have mentioned it works wonders for your energy and concentration levels.

    I had a few comments having read, and followed, all your posts:

    – Are you eating the pulp at all (maybe selective basis depending on the thing you are juicing)? I know there are a lot of nutrients in the skin and flesh of most veggies and whilst having only the juice is good for calorie control (short term) you could be missing out on some good stuff…

    – Some things i thought you could try adding:
    (i) Can you guys get pomegranate? This will add amazing colour and it has a fresh taste without being too sweet and because of the seed it will also add texture unless you have a really fine mesh strainer
    (ii) Not sure what it’s called in english but if you are feeling really adventurous you can add “karela”(!), whilst bitter as hell, can’t think of another veg which has so many nutrients and its big for detox programs
    (iii) If you want to add some luxury (and calories) then guava juices really well
    (iv) I didn’t see avacado? This is a super food! But again use sparingly as it will add calories but the texture will make you feel like you are eating food
    (v) Herbs? a tiny bit of coriander (cilantro), mint, basil or parsley will really freshen things up and may stop you getting bored?

    Anyways just wanted to drop you a note that at least one person is eagerly following your progress and best of luck with the remaining days (over half way through now!)…

    Look forward to seeing how things pan out!

  2. Hi Kartik,

    1) The pulp, you’re right there are a number of nutrients being missed when not having the pulp. The problem here is that the juicer I have just discards everything around the top. So it’s all mashed together. I think having more makes up for the missed nutrients is how I see it.

    2) Pomegranate has been bought, so at some point this week I will attempt to juice it! I’ll keep you posted on that one.

    3) Karela is NEVER making it to the juicer lol. I am having a hard enough time sticking with the Kale and Celery, Karela was mentioned by someone before, but I really don’t like it, even as Shak….

    4) It’s hard finding Guava here, I may find it if I go to an India store. But I think it’s out of season perhaps? Acme do not stock it.

    5) Avocado made it to my salad yesterday! Amazing!! Love the texture and the taste as long as it’s just ripe. Small pieces in the salad really adds some diversity to the salad.

    6) I have used Coriander in one of my recipes and Basil as well. But I keep forgetting to buy them. This week I’ll be using a LOT of Parsley! They gave me a bundle when from the produce store. BTW – the coriander really helps, also the garlic helps liven it up too.

    7) Just a note, adding some salt to the juices also helps, and found that tomato combats the taste of celery so it’s not so bad on the palate.

    Thanks for the comments, my fiance has been closely following this as well. Just nice to get comments 🙂 Thank you for reading and following the progress. Always good to hear opinions of others who have tried this!

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