Juicing Day 1 – Dinner (jointhereboot.com)

OK, so I have decided to eat something. The onset of a headache and feeling a little sleepy. I think I may just need to get some food in me, so I have opted for grilled vegetables. It’s probably best I do this today, to kind of ease into it. Got so bad, just ate a handful of mixed nuts.  I hope thats OK?!

I have to do a short workout now, and then the grilled veggies will be ready. Having Sweet Potato, Green and Red Peppers and French Beans. So I apologize for not sticking to the plan, although none of the Reboot plans on the website have just juices, go figure.

I feel bad for two reasons, one because I feel like I have let myself down, two because I feel like I have let the readers down. I’ll hopefully get used to this diet quickly so I can continue with the juicing for all meals and snacks.

Next juicing recipe will be tomorrow! Another fruit and veg special! Until then, have a great time, wherever you are.


NOTE: I have been drinking warm water steadily throughout the day, currently on cup 7.


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